Game Tekken Card Tournament Untuk Android

Tekken Card Tournament
Harada had announced at Twitter in mid-January 2013 that he was now making a new installment for the Tekken series. He also stated that the announcement was not going to be about Tekken 7 or Tekken x Street Fighter. He would later announce Tekken Card Tournament online, commenting at his interest in computer games. The game is confirmed to be released for Asia, North America, Oceania, Europe and South America. The creators confirmed that there would not only be for computers, tablets and smartphones, but there would also bee a physical set of cards for use. Another thing worth noted is that each card has a QR code, so it's possible to add cards into a person's digital deck from his physical deck.[2]. As of late January it was confirmed that there would be at least 190 unique cards for use. A beta version went online on late January while the card packs would be set to be released on summer 2013.

Features :
  • The game is turn based where one character will perform one action at a time
  • The action's of a character has been categorized into three sections, Focus, Strike and Block
  • Characters will be given health bars, determining whether or not they will be able to fight
  • Card packs that are bought physically can be brought into the digital world via the QR codes located in the card.
  • It is possible to have a cross-console battle
  • Like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, there will be global rankings online.
  • There are specially themed contests and weekly battles that will provide extra rewards to players
Characters :

~Kazuya Mishima
~Ling Xiaoyu
~Marshall Law
~Nina Williams
~Paul Phoenix


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